The world of brand: Samsung Electronics Polska

The world of brand: Samsung Electronics Polska
Are you looking for innovative technology, or maybe you’re interested in new smartphone functions or improved cameras? This year you have the chance to create an advert for the brand Samsung Electronics Polska. The brand is supporting the 8th edition of the competition as our Technological partner! Are you excited?

We talk to Magdalena Sielachowicz-Nowakowska, Head of Marketing Samsung Electronics Polska, about a new look at the brand and trends in marketing.


What are the values of the Samsung brand?

If we focus on mobility, very important values are freedom and creativity, which are inseparable from each other. We create Galaxy smartphones to give our users the freedom to express themselves through their own creativity. Whether it's artistic photos, captured seemingly ordinary moments of the day, immersive videos or graphics and collages created with the S Pen. What is important is our individual perspective and approach to the subject.

How to build a brand's marketing communication that functions so strongly in the minds of recipients?

Today, the most valuable resource we must strive for is consumer attention and its maintenance. The time devoted must "return" to the recipient, bring something to their life - expand, amuse, move. We are always in a hurry or something is calling for our attention. We want more, faster and more. And, importantly, we get bored quickly, which in turn makes us constantly look for new stimuli. Brands follow the same path, fiercely competing for the attention of the recipient. And this is great because it forces, or at least should, to go beyond certain well-worn, tiring patterns. We try to surprise in a more "smart" and sophisticated way, giving the consumer a wink. Another issue is related to the issue of attracting attention - the constant search for new channels of reaching. As marketers, we must have something of a mad traveler, explorer and experimenter with the addition of an inner child.

The traditional view of marketing is changing. How the changes taking place, i.e. the popularity of influencers and macro influencers, shape brand communication?

Influencers have become a permanent part of the marketing media mix, but cooperation with them should be carefully thought out and planned, and also natural for an Influencer. It is not difficult to be clichéd or artificial here. We deeply believe in long-term cooperation, because only in this way can we build a connection and the cooperation becomes authentic. We become a constant. Over the last two years, we have implemented a number of campaigns with the participation of, among others Maffashion or Wojtek Sokoł. We also constantly cooperate with other creative artists - Krzysztof Gonciarz, Wiktor Borsuk or Hashtag Alek. I think that the role of the brand cannot be limited only to the brief. The point is to pursue a goal together, having satisfaction and pleasure from it. Shaping the brand's communication is also a lot of fun with a lot of work. One should not happen without the other.

The films in the competition are made by young artists - do you think that they present a new perspective on the advertising and marketing market?

Of course! Each generation has its own unique baggage of experiences and experiences that help to create unique creations. For years, we have been closely monitoring how the competition is developing and what works are made by the creators. I am all the more glad that we will be a partner of Papaya Young Directors this year.

Samsung is a dream brand for young filmmakers - what scenarios are you looking for in the competition?

Creative, brave and true. Ones that will open us to a different perspective. It's a bit like talking to a newly met person. Curiosity and excitement.

What would you not like to see in the films made during the competition? What do you wish to see?

We absolutely do not want to perpetuate stereotypes and we do not want to limit the creativity of young artists in any way!

What does cooperation with the Papaya Young Directors competition give to the brand?

The chance for their product to be seen from a different perspective—talented and authentic.
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