The world of brand: Audioteka

The world of brand: Audioteka
Another day, another Main Partner. Audioteka joins the competition for the first time, and we are very excited they did. Aleksandra Paszkiewicz, Head of brand's Marketing, tells us all about the stories that matter for them, in the world build up from stories itself.


Stories well told

Audioteka is all about intriguing voices, that tell us interesting stories.
The brand wants to be associated with stories that stimulates imagination and creativity. Audioteka is a go-to platform when you feel overwhelmed and need some time to calm down and focus on yourself.

Connecting the audience

Audioteka is also a great solution for socialization—you can listen to their audio-series or super productions and books together with your travel companion. An important group of the brand’s interest are mother with children—Audioteka aims to reach the „new” generation of audience, that will grow up with them. 

Rich stories

The first thing that needs to be noticed—audiobooks are no worst than paper books or TV series. It’s an alternative content that is made with attention to details and in cooperations with great experts. It Autioteka’s library you’ll find audiobooks of course, but also superproductions, audio-series and meditations. All can be whispered straight to your ear by amazing voices of great lectors. 

Fairytale-like world

Digging into Audioteka’s library might be a way for an escape from the surrounding reality. It also builds a chance to discover immersive and moving stories. Films that the brand wishes to see in the competition should stimulate imagination and invite to escape the reality. Creativity, authenticity and honesty are keys. And don’t be shy with drawing on pop culture or classics of literature.
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