The world of brand: IKEA

The world of brand: IKEA
Excited? Papaya Young Directors 8 is opening submissions February 15th, but in the meantime meet the first brand that you’ll have a chance to come up with an idea for. IKEA is a brand that we all know and love—to understand it more we talked to it’s Marketing Campaigns Leader, Michał Pronobis-Proński.


Learn more about the brand and get ready to answer Creative Starters that will be uploaded to our website on February 15th. Remember—It's all about talents!



Simplicity is definitely most important. Simplicity in design, simplicity in furniture assemblance, simplicity in communication with the clients. According to IKEA simple ideas and clear messages is key to success. The brand reacts to trends in design super quickly, but it has always linked it with the clients’ needs and expectations, and they wanted simple and easy solutions. With it’s beautiful products, good design and functionality—all at a good price —IKEA became accessible for everyone. Even if there is no shop nearby you can always go to or use the mobile app.


IKEA is a huge part of many people’s lives. Furniture and interior accessories are often associated with the home—a familiar part of your memories. This makes people come back. The shop itself is not only a shopping destination—people come here for inspiration and for the Kottbullar. A visit in IKEA is not complete without a snack or some grocery shopping in the Swedish Shop.


IKEA wants to inspire it’s clients and make it possible for them to live in a more sustainable way. The brand changes their approach to production, moving towards a circular economy, counteracting climate change and positively influencing communities around the world. The brand intends to use more renewable and recycled materials, eliminate waste in its operations and change the way products and services are designed so that they last longer and become resources in the future.


Good communication is all about knowing your audience. We have to know who we are talking to and why. Being aware of this is the basis to creating our marketing message, ads and other assets. An influential communication is one that not only reaches the audience and leaves them with its intended message, but also one which awakens the imagination. It is all about stimulating creativity.
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