Why should I enter Papaya New Directors?
Papaya New Directors is an initiative that brings together the film, advertising, music and marketing industries. It's more than just an incredible opportunity to make a film showcasing the fullness of your talent in any format you choose. It’s also a chance to establish professional relationships, try your hand in the creative industry and build a stronger portfolio thanks to the experience Papaya Films producers and other competition partners share along the way.
What is Papaya New Directors about?
Papaya New Directors has its stages and an ongoing timeframe:

Project stage:
Step 1:
If you want to take part in Papaya New Directors, please send us your best film work via the application form.

Step 2:
Selected entrants will be asked to write a treatment (or treatments) for our partners.

Step 3:
If your treatment is chosen by a partner, we’ll contact you to discuss the next steps of production.

Each film will be produced by Papaya Films. You will be the director.

All conditions, including your remuneration (payment), will be discussed and agreed on with you before the start of production.

Until you sign a contract to direct the film, you have the right to withdraw from working with us, and you retain the rights to your treatment.

Competition stage:
All films made from January to October 2023 will qualify for the competition and will have a chance to compete for awards in the fourth quarter of 2023.
How do I get involved in Papaya New Directors?
Send us your application form along with your best original video. This is solely to assess your potential and will not be used for any other purpose by Papaya or our partners.

· The film should be your idea and directed by you
· The film should have been made within the last 2 years (2021 or 2022)
· You are totally free to choose the format and genre

Based on the applications we receive; we’ll select a pool of creators who will be asked to prepare treatments for our partners.
How much does it cost?
Entering Papaya New Directors is free of charge.
Is there an age limit?
No. What is important for us is how much time had passed since your directorial debut: this shouldn’t be more than 5 years.
When is the deadline to submit a video?
Deadline is 31 August 2023
Will I get paid for making the film?
Yes. The director will receive remuneration for each production. The sum will be determined at the briefing stage, i.e., at the start of our collaboration.
What is the budget?
Budgets will be set individually for each project. There is no fixed budget framework, because films have different characters – there are documentaries, advertising movies or even feature films.
You will be informed about the budget and remuneration at the start of our collaboration.
Who has the rights to my treatment?
You retain the rights for the treatments you submit. Treatments will be handed over to our partners so they can choose the ones they want to turn into films.

If you agree to direct a film, we’ll sign an appropriate agreement transferring the copyright to the treatment and film so that our partners can use it. Your remuneration will also be agreed in the contract.
What is the prize in the competition?
The competition is open to films made as part of Papaya New Directors. The winners will receive cash and material prizes. We'll let you know more details in September 2023.
Will I be responsible for the production?
No, the film will be produced by Papaya Films. You will be the director.
Where will the film I make for Papaya New Directors be broadcast?
Our partners will be able to use the film for any promotional activities. In addition, it will be broadcast on Papaya Films' social media channels. You’ll be informed about the scope of your rights at the very beginning of our collaboration.
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