The world of brand: DUREX

The world of brand: DUREX
The Durex brand is once again a partner to the Papaya Young Directors competition. Together with our finalists we are creating a contemporary approach to the theme of sex, and also attempting to breakdown taboos. Our finalists have shared stories of the fear before buying condoms, finding yourself in an intimate situation, as well as finding the “right size”.


This time around Durex will be presenting the participants with two Creative Starter packs. Each will discuss a different approach to sex, and about all condoms.

Real people – real sex 

The whole communication of the Durex brand is centred around the idea of safe sex. Safe sex which is enjoyable, safe and which gives you satisfaction. The most important aim is to show everyday people in everyday situations. The brand believes that “good” sex will lead to a happy life.

A sensation on a global scale 

The Polish market definitely differs from the global communication of the brand. According to the statistics, more Poles declare themselves as being in a serious relationship than being single which is very different when compared to other countries. This completely changes the appearance of the brand and creates a challenge—different from that of the West where Durex is targeted at the young and single groups, in Poland they need to target couples. Thanks to a broad look at sexuality, and also the developing mission of the brand to educate the brand is finding new ways to communicate with their audience.


Acceptance is key. This includes many important elements that are connected with sex and out sexuality. When communicating, the brand does not wish to leave anybody out. It wishes to show that regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, needs etc deserves respect and understanding. Along with themes which sound be brought up during sexual education - consent and a mutual understanding is key to confidence in an intimate situation.

Take a wider perspective 

The brand expects versatile, storytelling films that will be real and authentic, not idealized. Look for inspirations in pop culture, TV series, features and books. And have your eyes open for everything around you—show us what you think is missing, what you feel needs to be talked abut. Be you.
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