The world of brand: DPD

The world of brand: DPD
The DPD brand is back for the third time to the Papaya Young Directors competition. This time Łukasz Zembowicz—Director of Sales and Marketing and Board Member of DPD Polska will tell us what the brand would like to see in this year's editions films and how the pandemic has changed their communication.


Would you like to make a film for DPD? Remember that for them, a package is the most delivering important thing!

We are all bosses

The whole culture of the DPD brand is the belief that their boss is the person ordering the package. Everything starts from that order, so the person making the order is “renting” the time of the deliverer and also hiring them. Giving a package or waiting for one, every person has to feel complete trust to the DPD brand and that the package is in the right hands. The hands of delivery experts. 

Delivering the package is key

The DPD brand is all about delivery services. It’s easy to show an item or the product, but harder to show a service. This is a challenge when it comes to communication. So the DPD focuses on a strong brand image—everyday 7000 DPD vans are on the streets of Poland, so the brand is easily recognisable. The DPD brand communicates to its users also through Instagram and influencers. Alongside this, DPD has many logistic and strategic partnerships—working in culture, sports and business. The most important message that they wish to share with the market is their efficient package delivery possibilities.

Positive feedback

The market is rather ruthless when it comes to service ratings. Being popular is good, but it is connected with many negative opinions. You can easily say that it is easier to write a negative review than a positive one. When we are happy that our package has arrived on time and is in good condition, we will not go on Facebook and write a comment about it. We assume that it is normal. If, on the other hand, our experience is negative, we straight away take it upon ourselves to sort it out and share with others. The DPD brand attempts to deal with the issues: tries to explain and, above all, helps to resolve the issue, so that an unhappy customer turns into a satisfied one.

DPD is where the client is

The crisis brought on by the global pandemic has changed our perception of the DPD brand and has brought on new challenges for their deliverers. There is definitely more work, but the clients expectations have also risen. The brand abides by all safety measures and follows all the sanitary regulations. Apart from this they have decided to be more active online, especially on social media and their work with influencers. DPD has to be where their client is—and since most people function from home, spending most of their time in front of a laptop or phone, we have to start communicating there.
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