The world of brand: McDonald's

The world of brand: McDonald's
For the third time in the history of the competition, McDonald’s will be giving themselves into your hands to create their communication! In the past we’ve seen a lot in those adverts created for this iconic brand, from an alien welcoming cult to a couple in love. What will surprise the jury this time, and later the whole audience at the final gala who are awaiting to see what you’ve created.


Find out what the McDonald’s brand is looking for in the competition and also how to create a marketing campaign for a brand that has been with us for most of the audience's life. About the challenges that face the finalists we spoke with Jakub Strutyński, Field Marketing Manager of McDonald’s.

A new way of looking at the brand 

Working together with the Papaya Young Director competition gives the chance to show but above all see how the brand is perceived by young people. This is the key of our collaboration with creators who are just starting their careers - they will not be predictable, but will share their stories, often ones that are important to them. The McDonald’s brand, which is working with PYD now for the third time, is hoping for some brave scripts, which will stand out from their regular communication. They should connect with emotions related to the brand. What is most important, is to not be predictable.

Circle of life

The McDonald’s brand is a phenomenon which partners the stomachs and often hearts of many people each day. It creates a sort of circle of life because those burgers stay with many for their whole lives. The brand doesn’t hide that to create an advertising campaign for their audience which is good and precise, you must be aware of local social issues within the market.

Joy and Loyality

The McDonald’s brand wishes for joy to be one of the most important aspects of their communication. The most important thing however is of course the food, and that each visit to a McDonald’s should offer something new. The experience which accompanies every visit is something very personal and individual. Aside from create a similar feel to each location, they also concentrate on keeping them local - each restaurant tends to be owned by business people who create locations in their local area. The global brand of McDonald’s wishes to be known by the local communities. This is why in each country you will find different, personalised items which are created for the given market.


For the McDonald’s brand, at the very core, especially at such hard times in which we find ourselves, is the safety with which we offer our guests. Another important aspect which accompanies the brand is accessibility. The brand tries to reach as many places as possible and stay open as long as possible. And last but not least, being ethical is at the base of our business.
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