The world of brand: LINK4

The world of brand: LINK4
A few years ago Jakub Gutkowski made an outstanding ad inspired by the film “Back to the Future”, which got him Grand Prix. LINK4 returns to the Papaya Young Directors competition to once again present their inspirational brief. Find out what the brand is looking for this year and what films have a chance to be made. About LINK4’s communication we hear from Joanna Talaśka, Director of the Marketing Communication Department.


Ola Sobieraj: What values does the LINK4 Brand share?

Joanna Talaśka : At LINK4, some time ago we told ourselves, that we believe it simple insurance and with it comes easier solutions for our clients and also our company. We are helped by technology, which simplifies processes and allows us to better answer the needs of our clients. They are our starting point in our everyday work, which we base of three principles: quality, respect and our clients. We are convinced that if we focus on the client and treat them with respect, we can reach a higher level of quality in what we’re doing.

The films are created by Young Film Makers— Do you believe that they present a new look at the adverting market?

We have been observing closely the competition for a few years, and we see that each edition is completely different and brings something new. Young filmmakers are very creative and offer a fresh look. Their ideas can be surprising and because of that they are memorable. When you think that every form has been tried in an advert, young creators come in and prove that we are only limited by our imagination. These types of talents are worth helping, which is why we are back for another edition of Papaya Young Directors.

What would you not like to see in the films created within the competition? What do you dream to see?

We would like to avoid obvious solutions, which have been repeated for years. But we also don’t wish to see ideas that are too niche aimed at a small group of people. We have to remember that our business, so insurance, is hard to engage with and is seen as something complicated. So we are dreaming of a film that will create engagement and to share the message that insurance can be talked about in a light and easy way.

What does the brand receive when working with Papaya Young Directors?

Every meeting with young creators is an amazing experience. Their way of seeing the world and their courage in sharing their ideas inspire us, because breaking stereotypes has been with us since we found ourselves on the insurance market, when we first started to sell directly, revolutionising the market. For us this competition is a chance to look at things differently, not only our company but also our product because insurance still faces many different stereotypes—they are seen as something complicated and uninteresting. However, the creators who take part in PYD have shown that they can break these stereotypes cresting fantastic narrations. This is of great value to us.
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