Create, don’t recreate - about the latest Instagram Stories category

Create, don’t recreate - about the latest Instagram Stories category
On December 16, the 7th edition of the Papaya Young Directors competition begins. This time, young creators will be able to test themselves in three categories: Branded Stories (advertising category), Music Stories (music video) and Instagram Stories. Dawid Kaźmierczak, co-creator of the Instagram Stories category and member of the jury of the PYD competition, talked to us about what vertical storytelling is and why it is worth filming in vertical format.

What scenarios in the Instagram Stories category are you waiting for?

Video content surrounds us from practically every side, and although in part we become (mainly through Instagram) the creators of this content, we do not realize the value of our message. Social media channels, after the cinema and television, are another medium thanks to which you can tell surprising stories not only visually, but also through writing. In the Instagram Stories category, we are looking for such scenarios: combining a well-thought-out visual side with an interesting story.

What is the difference between vertical storytelling and horizontal filming?

What counts here is the image that must become stronger than words. Regardless of whether you plan fantastic dialogues and music - the message realized in a vertical format must work on the recipient also without sound. If you are planning subtitles, combining text with a vivid and attractive image is very important.

What is good video content?

It doesn't matter if we make a film intended for cinema, television or Instagram TV - stories set in a specific time, place, intended for a clearly defined viewer will work best. While writing the script, remember the cultural and social context. Release your work from any conventions, brand books or pre-adopted rules.

What is most important in a vertical narrative?

When implementing a message on Instagram, remember that your viewer is a phone user. This changes his way of reading your story, i.e., the viewer easily loses interest. One of the biggest challenges is "getting" the viewer in the first 3 seconds of the film. How? Give up the classic narrative: beginning, unfolding and ending. Mix styles and invent your own story structure.

When preparing the script, think about what you would like to see on your phone screen. Create the heroes you'd like to meet and watch. They will be the driving force behind your narrative. Preview, redefine and change the way you think about Instagram movies. The tools we use to implement vertical content are generally available, so it is our unique view counts.
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