Tell the story on your own terms. Discover the categories of the 7th edition of PYD

Tell the story on your own terms. Discover the categories of the 7th edition of PYD
"Stories" is the most important factor in the 7th edition - we are looking for crazy, unconventional stories told in various forms and formats. Therefore, the watchword of the upcoming edition of the Papaya Young Directors competition is #upsidedownstories - take what you know and flip it. Tell the story how you want to tell it in three categories - Branded Stories, Music Stories and Instagram Stories. Get ready for the announcement of competition briefs on December 16th.

Branded Stories

Branded Stories is a category of advertising films created for the Main Partners of the competition. The competition was based on these for the first five editions. Movies in the Branded Stories category are created in response to the partner’s briefs. Participants can show off their creativity and unconventional thinking. They are not limited by the influence of brand representatives, who see the films for the first time during the Final Gala. Ideas can be based on storytelling, the form of a documentary, mockumentary or animation. The most important are the original idea and its skillful adaptation.

The goal of the Branded Stories category is to bring new, young quality to the advertising industry - not only in the form of brilliant and satisfying spots for the viewer but also in the form of newly discovered film talents.


Music Stories

Music Stories is a music video category. Young talent will be creating a music video based on the instructions provided by the Partner of the category and musicians. Participants interpret the song in their own way, creating an idea-script for the music video. As in the Branded Stories category, the most important thing is the innovative idea and the way it is conveyed in the treatment, and if qualified for the next stage - on the screen.

In the 7th edition of the PYD competition, participants will work on ideas for music videos for seven tracks by renowned Polish artists.


Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories category is a novelty in the competition created in cooperation with Instagram and Facebook. In this category, the participants will be creating a vertical film for the Main Partners of the competition (Branded Stories and Music Stories) designed specifically for the Instagram medium. In the final stage, the finalists will make films on Instagram TV and teasers dedicated to Instagram Stories. Participants can send director’s treatments with ideas for an advertising film and music video but in a vertical form. The vertical form must be emphasized in the director's explication.

Vertical content is governed by its own laws - it differs in the way it tells stories, framing, and the most important is the ability to attract the viewer's attention. It is also a format in which it is relatively easy to indulge in madness - it is still a young medium with undiscovered potential. Competition participants have the chance to create an innovative form in a vertical format - this may prove to be the right strategy to win the 7th edition of PYD.
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