Branded Stories – something more than a commercial

Branded Stories – something more than a commercial
Branded Stories - the category from which Papaya Young Directors competition began. In this category, participants are asked to create commercials for brands - Main Partners of the initiative. However, it is not about duplicating conventional solutions that we have all seen before.
"Papaya Young Directors competition is about redefining what advertising is today," says Kacper Sawicki, the originator of the initiative and Papaya Films executive producer. Branded Stories is a category in which movies can be created in many ways. Below we present the types of commercials that may inspire you. However, do not treat them as a closed list - let it be the beginning for you to draw from. Experiment, combine or turn everything upside down. In the end, your original idea is the most important.

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Branded Entertainment

The advertising film in this category is all about creating engaging content, which usually does not present a product or service, but talks about the brand indirectly, creating an emotional bond with it. Most often it focuses on values, feelings or simply phenomena with which the viewer can identify while expressing the character of the brand. Films from the branded entertainment category, as their name indicates, are intended to be entertainment for the viewer. That is why the creative possibilities are endless here - the film can be both a short sketch, a game show, a fairy tale - all that you can imagine and enjoy watching. The ads are fighting to become a viral hit that will attract viewers and become a widely commented spot.
2018 Super Bowl “Tide Ad” Commercial Compilation

Storytelling commercial

This is an advertising film that still falls under the Branded Entertainment genre. Its main task is to interest the viewer in the story taking place on the screen. The story uses universal ethos and story schemes but puts them in new, contemporary contexts. It's like telling a fairy tale, but again and again, mixing elements of the narrative to reveal new meanings and surprising turning points. At the same time, the story indirectly refers to the brand, revealing the connection between them in the final stages of advertising. Brilliance, a sense of humor and unexpected twists are the key to success for the film to be remembered by the audience.
Cannes Lion Award-Winning "Three Little Pigs advert"

Documentary Commercial 

A hybrid of advertising and documentary film can support the authentic message that a branded film is intended to convey. Advertising can be a good field to tell a true story and outline social problems with the participation of authentic protagonists and their genuine struggle. The combination of advertising and documentary films is becoming an increasingly popular trend, resulting in greater authenticity of the content and building trust between the viewer and the brand.
SAMSUNG Missed Spaceflight

Mockumentary commercial

A mockumentary is a satire of a documentary film or staging. It uses the style of the document (including the characters in it directly addressing the camera, the narrator from the off presenting problems, and amazing graphs and data may appear on the screen). However, all this differs from a documentary film in that it is invented and precisely constructed. The "untruth" betrays the satire - exaggeration of certain elements that lead the viewer to a different reception of the film. In the short form that is an advertising film, it gives great room to express the message when it comes to comedic storytelling. - Our Blades Are F***ing Great


Animation in advertising is an extremely grateful field. It allows for visual madness and implementation of ideas that would be extremely difficult in a traditional execution. Animation also allows you to introduce a wide range of characters and entertain with popular narrative schemes. It allows constructing worlds that are in themselves a metaphor or bend the laws of physics known to us. Its implementation (unfortunately) consumes a lot of time, but the final effect provides a lot of satisfaction.
PYD 2018 I Nagroda Tessa Moult-Milewska “DPD - Czerwony Kapturek”
Category: Branded Stories
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