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Dawid Podsiadlo - Trophies
Dawid Podsiadlo - Trophies
Music videos give creators unlimited freedom of execution. It's a genre in which you can show off your original thinking while demonstrating the different ways of interpreting a given song. In the 7th edition of the competition, you will be able to face this genre for the second time. Kayax became the partner of the Music Stories category. Each participant will be able to submit two explications for the music label. However, decide wisely - you will have as many as 7 artists and bands to choose from.
To help you develop your ideas we decided to give you some clues that may be helpful when composing the music video narrative. Think outside the box and let yourself be carried away by creative madness.

Classic genre

In the classic music video the main role is played by the artist himself. He/she sings to viewers from the screen. And although this is one of the most-used video clip formulas, it doesn't mean that there is no script. In such productions, a side story often appears edited in between the shots of the playing band.
U2 - Pride (In The Name Of Love)

Creating a new world 

A music video is a short form that allows you to create a new universe. The rules of the world depicted in it depend only on the creator - it can be fairy-tale, cosmic or costume-like. The video allows variations and executions limited only by the budget.
Dawid Podsiadlo - Trophies

Travel inside yourself 

Love is one of the most popular music themes. Music video creators consciously use emotions to tell truly moving stories. Creating such a work requires the director to be sensitive, intuitive and mature.
Keaton Henson - Healah Dancing (official video)

Visual feast 

Music videos are also a chance for set design and cinematography madness. You can play with colors, shapes, as well as the visual language. Music video creators often use crazy set elements that affect the final interpretation of the work. Regardless of whether the presented world will change colors or stand out with its asceticism, it can still be breathtaking, as long as the other formal procedures used to interact with it.
The Chemical Brothers - Got To Keep On (Official Video)

One place, one time

A music video does not have to have a thousand locations and extras. The action of many great video clips takes place in one interior, which additionally provides the viewer with an aesthetic experience. All this, however, is based on a refined idea in which the creator knows how to use space and create a unique story within it. 
Kanye West - Runaway (Video Version) ft. Pusha T

Realism above all 

Not all music videos need to be a projection of a more beautiful world in which we would like to live. Many of them refer to everyday life, and some come close to a documentary form. This allows you to identify with the characters and gives the feeling that the music could become the soundtrack for our lives.
Declan McKenna - Paracetamol


The experimental music video has recently become an increasingly popular form of telling musical stories. And, although not all can be considered successful - it is worth taking a closer look at the idea and opening up to true, creative madness. In search of inspiration, watch the music videos of the OK GO band, which with each production cross many different boundaries.
OK Go - Needing/Getting - Official Video
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