Fake ads in TV series

Fake ads in TV series
A range of fake spots created solely for the purposes of the story can be seen in TV series. They are full of absurdities and a humorous approach, which classic TV commercials often lack. We chose 7 most interesting ads that were created for the needs of series production. Playing crazily with the advertising format does not just belong to the domain of Hollywood cinema.
1. Friends - Lipstick for men 

Advertising adventures of Joey, struggling as an actor, is a recurring theme in
Friends. In one episode, he advertises a milk opener, in another, a clinic for
venereal diseases, but it is the lipstick for men spot that deserves to be called the most surprising. Joey's blue lips and a reference to Japanese aesthetics create a truly unique production.
Friends - Ichiban Lipstick For Men
2. Breaking Bad - Better Call Saul 

Who would fight for your rights more persistently than Saul Goodman from the Breaking Bad series? Saul doesn't need corporate assignments - the welfare of the poorest is what he cares about (and what he can earn from it). No wonder Saul became so popular that he got his own spin-off - Better Call Saul.
Old Commercial - Better Call Saul
3. Rick and Morty - Fake doors

Can there be anything more interesting than intergalactic cable? Of course – the commercials on it! Rick and Morty are watching a spot promoting a fake door that isn't even closely related to the traditional pattern of television advertising.
Rick and Morty - Fake Doors
4. BoJack Horseman - Chicken 4 Dayz

In BoJack, animals have their own voice. However, as the comedy-dramatic convention
TV series of the series demands, this voice is not always well used. In the advertisement of the Chicken 4 Days restaurant praise is given to the joyful and comfortable life of chickens, which in the future results in the meat on the plate is delicious.
Chicken 4 Dayz - Bojack Horseman Song
5. The Simpsons - Bart's ad 

Are you still wondering where your comunion money has gone? Bart had a similar dilemma. As a child, Bart took part in a commercial but his commission mysteriously disappeared. The spot is not a masterpiece but the preparation it advertises cannot be left forgotten.
Bart's Ad
6. How I met your mother - Barney Stinson's CV 

The most outstanding character of the How I Met Your Mother series – Barney Stinson – always knew how to attract attention. No matter if he introduced himself to beautiful women or new employers, Barney knew how to advertise himself. His self-promotional spot, which he prepared instead of a one-page resume, should be shown during confidence coaching sessions.
Barney Stinson's video CV
7. The Office - Dunder Mifflin 

Here comes the spot for the most famous office in the history of pop culture. The video shows all the employees, at the same time maintaining the charming atmosphere of Dunder Mifflin. The spot was of course directed by the best boss in the world – Michael Scott.
The Office - Local Ad (Episode Highlight)
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