Fake ads in Hollywood productions

Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill
Creating an advertisement inside a feature film is an additional pleasure and fun for the director. The spot is not controlled by agencies or corporations, so the creators can approach it with greater risk, play with the form and hyperbolization of elements that occur in "real" spots. For this reason, commercials within movies are often little gems that you should pay more attention to. Here are some of the most interesting spots.
1. Once upon a time in Hollywood - Red Apple 

The Oscar-nominated film by Quentin Tarantino is a tribute to the 1960s. At that time, advertising films had their own specific style, which the famous director captures in the spot of the cigarette brand he invented - Red Apple. Rick Dalton, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, praises tobacco in it, referring to westerns in which smoking was a real male ritual. Interestingly, Red Apple is a brand that has appeared repeatedly in Tarantino movies, including Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, or The Hateful Eight.
Rick Dalton Red Apple Cigarettes
2. Jack and Jill – Dunkaccino

If we could ask Al Pacino anything, we would ask if he regrets engaging in Dennis Dugan's Jack and Jill (a film rated by critics at Rotten Tomatoes at 3%). Perhaps his presence in this film would have been forgotten were it not for the crazy performance of his character in the advertisement Duncacino. We guarantee - the song from this spot will stay in your mind for a long time.
Jack and Jill – Dunkaccino
3. Movie 43 – Tampax

Tampons advertising is an extremely difficult topic for the creator to implement. The director of the movie Movie 43 came up with a creative idea. However, we warn you - the material is not intended for anxious viewers.
Movie 43 - Tampax Shark Commercial
4. Truman Show - Mococoa

This list would not be complete without the perfect satire that is product placement in the Truman Show. The wife of the main character, who knows perfectly well that their lives are broadcast on television, uses every opportunity to present her husband with certain products (she does this even during a serious conversation).
Truman Show - Mococoa
5.  Tropic Thunder - American Films' Trailers 

The satire of American cinema presented in made-up trailers is the beginning of the movie Tropic Thunder. The next prequels and sequels of superhero productions or stupid comedies about passing gas are some of the things the creators of this work laugh at.
Tropic Thunder Opening Trailers
6. Toy Story - Buzz Lighter 

In our list, we could not miss this animated film! Do you remember how Buzz Lighter learned that he was a toy? The creators show what would happen if he accidentally came across a TV commercial promoting other Buzz Lighters. We warn you - it melts the heart.
Toy Story
7. RoboCop – Mangavolt

Have you ever wondered how to protect your car against theft? In the film Robocop representatives of one of the car brands came up with the idea of dealing with villains. Would you buy it?
RoboCop 2 - Magnavolt commercial HD
8. Wolf Of Wall Street - Jordan Belfort Straight Line 

It's hard not to love Leonardo DiCaprio, which is why we put him on this list again. This time due to the advertisement from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, in which the main character - Jordan Belford - urges people to take advantage of working with his company and plan financial investments.
Wolf Of Wall Street (2013) Jordan Belfort Straight Line commercial
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