BGŻ BNP Paribas becomes one of the sponsors of the 6th edition of the PYD!

BGŻ BNP Paribas  becomes one of the sponsors of the 6th edition of the PYD!
The BGŻ BNP Paribas Bank is joining forces with Papaya Young Directors by becoming one of the sponsors of the 6th edition of the competition. The contestants will have the opportunity to tackle the subject of mobile banking and tell stories about the bank for a changing world.
We talked with Dariusz Maciołek - Managing Director of Communication and Marketing at the BGŻ BNP Paribas Bank about the brand's decision to get involved with Papaya Young Directors.
Welcome among the sponsors of our competition! What are your hopes when it comes to your presence in PYD?
Dariusz Maciołek: Our hopes are really high. As a brand with a transparent image, we really want to pinpoint the modern approach of young filmmakers to our brand - the bank for a changing world. We want to become a brand that the generations Y and Z will appreciate.
What would you list as inspirations to an ad for your brand?
DM: Instead of talking about our expectations, let me resort to particular films that may serve as an inspiration in the process of writing scripts for our brand:
Apple - Think Different
Nike - Find Your Greatness : Jogger
Nike: What are girls made of?
Always #LikeAGirl
Nike - Dream Crazy
P&G 'Thank You Mom' Campaign Ad: "Best Job" (London 2012 Olympic Games)
Nature Is Speaking – Harrison Ford is The Ocean | Conservation International (CI)
Nike - LeBron James: I Believe
Nike | Equality
Apple | Apocalypse WWDC 2017
If you had to describe your brand to the contestants in a few simple words, what would you say?

DM: We want people simply to like our brand. Why? Because we are a brand that supports people and takes a stand in important social issues. We tackle such topics as diversity, supporting local communities, quality of life or living in harmony with nature.

People should think of our brand not in the context of our products, but through the prism of the ideas and values we promote. It is people, their passion, tenacity and creativity that change the world, not banking products. We are here to help people achieve their goals, make their dreams come true, help them change the world - both on a small and a larger scale. Every big change is a sum of numerous small changes.
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