Żywiec and Męskie Granie among the sponsors of the 6th edition of PYD!

Żywiec and Męskie Granie among the sponsors of the 6th edition of PYD!
This is the surprise we all have been waiting for! The brand Żywiec, represented with the Męskie Granie project, joins the 6th edition of the PYD competition as a sponsor. But this is not the end of good news! Along with the introduction of Żywiec, we have the great pleasure of welcoming a new category in our competition - music videos.
Who wouldn't want to shoot a music video for Męskie Granie (a highly successful, national tour of rock concerts organized and sponsored by Żywiec - a Polish beer brand)? Żywiec wants to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the project and would like to start a collaboration with young filmmakers. What are Żywiec's expectations? What made Żywiec turn to Papaya Young Directors? Check out the interview with Ewa Kierlik, senior manager of the Żywiec Brand.

Your presence in the competition means a whole new category. You are planning to promote your brand, Żywiec, through your most successful initiative - Męskie Granie. What made you join Papaya Young Directors?
Ewa Kierlik: Żywiec has been a patron of Polish culture for a long time, always supporting talented Polish artists. Męskie Granie presents an innovatory musical approach on the Polish rock scene and the artists it promotes experiment with sound, providing a breath of fresh air in Polish contemporary culture. Męskie Granie is a platform where we support young, talented musicians, for whom performing on our stage is a chance to showcase their work in front of a large audience. In 2019, on the 10th anniversary of the project, we want to go a step further and choose a few young bands that apart from getting the opportunity to perform on our stage, will also get the chance to shoot their first music videos. The mission of Męskie Granie and the Papaya Young Directors competition is very similar, so we could not possibly dream of a better partner for the music video project accompanying the 2019 tour. Together, we will give young musicians and filmmakers the opportunity to express their artistic vision and create some fresh, high quality content.

The contestants will have a new challenge this year - creating music videos for young bands chosen by you. As a brand, what do you expect to see in the scripts for the music videos?
EK: The "Chce się Ż" platform provides a large space of artistic expression. In Żywiec, we have been talking about "lust for life" for a long time. A crucial part of this rhetoric is music, which we have been communicating through the Męskie Granie project. The main theme during the 10th anniversary tour will be the expression "Ż muzyką" and we are hoping that the music videos will be its depiction. We are hoping to inspire young filmmakers to experiment with various audiovisual forms and to provide a breath of fresh air for the whole Męskie Granie project.

What is currently the most important message of your brand? What inspires you and draws your attention?
EK: In Żywiec, we have been talking about lust for life for a long time, encouraging our consumers to enjoy life to the fullest. According to our brand, things like your age, social status or the state of your bank account do not matter - lust for life is a state of mind. The artists who take part in the Męskie Granie project are well aware of our philosophy  - this is why the trademark of our tour is mixing generations and music genres in an unconventional way. We believe that the 10th edition of our tour will be a perfect opportunity to musically step outside the box in an even bolder way, to
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