Nationale-Nederlanden becomes one of the sponsors of the 6th edition of the PYD contest

Nationale-Nederlanden becomes one of the sponsors of the 6th edition of the PYD contest
Nationale-Nederlanden joins the other sponsors of the 6th edition of PYD! Insurance is an important topic for people of all ages, but it is sometimes seen as a complicated issue. Nationale-Nederlanden wants to break this stereotype with the help of young filmmakers.
Thinking outside the box is not the only thing that Nationale-Nederlanden hopes to get from the contestants. What films are they hoping to watch in June? Check out the interview with Konrad Gałecki, Digital Marketing Expert for Nationale-Nederlanden.
We are very happy that you decided to join us for this edition - why have you decided to reach out?
Konrad Gałecki: For many years, we have been committing to valuable projects and we strongly believe that PYD is one of them. We constantly search for new ways of talking about insurance, our goal is to find a unique, unconventional way of approaching the subject. Young, bright people with their innovative outlook give us an incredible chance to provide a fresh burst of energy for the insurance business, which Nationale-Nederlanden is a part of. As an insurance company we present a modern approach and we always try to be one step ahead, never behind. This is why taking part in the PYD contest seems so natural to us. Let me be frank - insurance is not as exciting as an exotic trip, therefore it is not easy to build around it a marketing strategy that will be appealing to refined consumers. At the same time, as we all know, insurance is something that we all need and we want our clients to understand this. Coming up with an attractive marketing approach may be challenging, but it is definitely not impossible - which, we hope, young filmmakers will prove. We are counting on them to show us a unique and innovative take on the communication of an insurance company.
We are handing your brand to young filmmakers. What are you expecting to see and what do you worry about when it comes to their ideas and films?
KG: I have been watching the previous editions of PYD and I saw great potential in the contestants. We are sure that the creativity and professional quality of the films are going to shock us in a positive way. What are we expecting? Bold, innovative ideas, unbridled creativity and a new perspective on the communication concerning an insurance company. We would like to reach as many people as possible with insurance products, breaking the stereotype that buying an insurance takes a lot of time, is complicated and requires expertise from the potential client.
Young creatives are an important target group for a lot of brands. What do they mean to you?
KG: They are our inspiration when we create new insurance products that would answer the needs of this group. The dynamic market of start-ups is populated by young people, which is the effect of their creativity and boldness when it comes to bringing their ideas to life. The opportunity to watch this phenomenon from up close is a treasure chest of invaluable know-how about the way that this target group sees the world. Moreover, PYD is a perfect occasion to watch new trends that young creatives follow and a chance to identify the needs of this particular group. If we want to maintain our position as one of the top insurance companies, we have to keep up with young creatives because they are the ones who create our reality and set the paths for companies that want to be modern and client-friendly.
What is the most important message of your brand? What inspires you and draws your attention?
KG: The most important idea behind our company is being straightforward about the things that matter the most. We speak frankly about our clients' needs, about things that can happen to them and the solutions we have to offer. We are proud of the fact that we were the first ones to tackle an important issue, telling real stories of cancer survivors. We tried to incorporate this difficult subject in our ads in a way that would not scare off our clients, but that would educate them and make them take care of their health before it is too late. We want people to associate preventive treatment with a peaceful life, in all its aspects.
We are inspired by innovative and intuitive solutions, that make our lives easier and increase our sense of security. We are inspired by people who create such solutions - people who think out of the box.
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