Decathlon is joining the PYD competition as one of the sponsors of the 6th edition!

Decathlon is joining the PYD competition as one of the sponsors of the 6th edition!
Decathlon - welcome on board of the PYD contest! The brand that equips active people in sports gear, hopes that taking part in PYD will be an earth-shattering experience for the company.
Why earth-shattering? Why did Decathlon decide to act more boldly? What are their expectations when it comes to the contestants? You will find the answers to these questions in our interview with Wojciech Kozłowski, the Marketing Director for Decathlon.
This is your first time with PYD, welcome to the 6th edition. What made you want to join us?
Wojciech Kozłowski: I met one of the winners of the past editions on the set and we got along really well. I have been watching cool, creative content made by the contestants and I have been thinking for quite some time of joining the competition. The time has come for Decathlon to take a bit bolder approach in its communication and I cannot think of a better way of creating one-of-a-kind creative content than a collaboration with PYD.
What are you hoping to achieve, is there something you dream of in particular?
WK: We are hoping to have an earth-shattering experience - we dream of a film that would be so fresh and good, that it will not leave anyone indifferent :). We are coming to PYD with a brand that offers a lot in terms of advertising possibilities: it is a brand of reasonable size, but without a long history of communication, therefore we can offer the contestants an almost virgin territory. We are talking about sports, and sports is always an emotional topic and a good field for creativity. Without a doubt we will see some great content from the participants of the competition, which is why we are already booking space in the media to use the content that will be created during PYD.
Young creatives are an important target group for many brands. What do they mean to you?
WK: In the context of PYD, we are not treating young creatives as a target group. We treat them as partners - we are inviting them to co-create a brand that would like to become more interesting and to gain a following among young people. We want our content to not only be a voice of the brand, but also a voice of young people speaking in our name.
If you had to describe your brand to the contestants in a few simple words, what would you say?

WK: As passionate people, we at Decathlon understand that sports means a different thing to everyone and that it can mean a lot of unforgettable experiences. We want everyone to be able to experience the wonderful feeling that you get when you practice your favorite sports discipline.
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