Alternative, folk, dance or pop? Pick your favourite style and shoot a music video for the Music Stories category

Alternative, folk, dance or pop? Pick your favourite style and shoot a music video for the Music Stories category
The upcoming eighth edition of the contest brings one wholly new Women’s Stories subcategory, in which contestants will be interpreting briefs from non-governmental organizations working toward women’s rights, and another installment of the music video category. This year, contestants in the Music Stories category will be competing for an opportunity to produce music videos for artists from the Kayax roster.
In this year’s edition, young filmmakers will have the chance to work on music videos for Krzysztof Zalewski, Kayah, Julia Wieniawa, Barbara Wrońska, Bloo Crane, and the Karaś/Rogucki duo. This means choosing from variety of different music genres: from folk, through dance and pop to alternative sounds. Our contestants will be free to pick from the songs and styles presented in the Music Stories creative starters.

2021 marks the second year of Kayax’s involvement with the Papaya Young Directors initiative. Last year, contestants produced music videos for Natalia Przybysz, Barbara Wrońska, Smolik/Kev Fox, Kroki, and Skubas (the video shot by Michał Włodarczyk and Łukasz Ruciński went on to win the First Prize in the category).
Want to uplay? It couldn't be easier!

Come up with an original idea in response to a brief drawn up by our partner brands and artists. Ideas can be submitted either anonymously or using the contest panel at our website. The panel will be launched on contest kickoff day, February 15, 2021. Winning ideas will advance to the next stage, during which the jury will select the contest’s finalists. The finalists stand to win the first prize — 11,000 PLN for their project. The resulting movies will compete for the Grand Prix and additional awards sponsored by contest partners. The filmmakers will see their finished works for the first time only at the grand finale! 

The competition is open to everyone aged 20-35 (by birth year). Submissions can be sent in by individuals or duos.
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