UNIVERSE OF THE BRAND: last guidelines before writing the director's treatment

UNIVERSE OF THE BRAND: last guidelines before writing the director's treatment
BNP Paribas - It's people that catalyze change

According to BNP Paribas, people are in the center of attention. Although their slogan is "The bank for a changing world", BNP Paribas does not prioritize promoting new technologies and their products. It's the people that catalyze change, so they are the most important to the brand. Matters that concern our society, such as improving the quality of our day-to-day life, living in harmony with nature, supporting local initiatives and striving for diversity - those are all important points for BNP Paribas. Naturally, the brand does not focus solely on the matters listed above. Representatives of BNP Paribas cannot wait to see out-of-the-box, non-typical and bold solutions addressed to young audiences.
UNIVERSE OF THE BRAND: last guidelines before writing the director's treatment
Allegro - Smile and fun

Allegro is about smiling. There are many kinds of smile: it can express joy, feeling emotional or relief. When your commercial film comes to an end, we expect the viewer to smile.
An additional challenge that Allegro is putting in front of the contestants is to search for the shortest possible form for your film. They are interested in gripping stories stories told in as little time as 15 seconds.
This year, Allegro has a favorite word - "fun". Fun from buying products, fun from receiving them and using them. How can this kind of fun be explained? "Create your own definition of this word, confront it with the definitions by your friends and start writing the script for the Papaya Young Directors competition" - says Adam Szałamacha, Allegro's Brand Manager.
UNIVERSE OF THE BRAND: last guidelines before writing the director's treatment
Decathlon - a chance to define the brand
"I think that our brand needs a solid kick" - says Wojciech Kozłowski, Decathlon's Director of Marketing.
The mission of Decathlon is to promote sports for everyone - regardless of their age, financial status, their place of residence or the level of their aptitude in a given sports discipline. Most of the messages sent by sports brands are about going over your limit, and in most cases the brand is being represented by a sports celebrity, which makes it hard for an average consumer to identify with the brand. Decathlon wants to focus precisely on this average consumer - regardless if they are a sports pro, or a total amateur.
"A huge advantage of Decathlon is that almost whatever you write will fit the brand because very little has been done and said about the brand and so every possible door is open" - says Wojciech Kozłowski, encouraging PYD contestants to create for this brand "something really amazing!"
UNIVERSE OF THE BRAND: last guidelines before writing the director's treatment
Nationale-Nederlanden - an unprecedented challenge

"We are straightforward about the things that matter" - this is the slogan of Nationale-Nederlanden. The brand values sincerity and authenticity. It does not want to depict an idealized version of the world. However, the brand is aware of the fact that insurance companies have a bad rep and Nationale-Nederlanden wants to dismantle this stereotype.
The brand created two tasks for this edition of PYD. The first one is about travel insurance - created for those who like to organize their trips by themselves. What kind of director's treatment does the brand want? One that will be accessible, yet practical.
The second task is far more demanding - it is about cancer insurance. This type of insurance obviously does not prevent us from getting the disease, but can help us if the disease does come. Creating an idea that will not be creepy, but light and informative, definitely is not an easy task. "Nobody has ever managed to achieve this, you can be the first ones" - says Jacek Flemming, Marketing Manager at Nationale-Nederlanden.
UNIVERSE OF THE BRAND: last guidelines before writing the director's treatment
Durex - Sensuality and authenticity, not vulgarity

The mission of Durex is to provide safe and pleasurable sex. An accomplished sex life builds closeness and strengthens a relationship. But Durex is not only about relationships, the brand is also about freedom. Freedom of choice, but also freedom from dangers, worries and consequences.
Safety is going to be one of the main themes of this year's edition of PYD. The brand wants to turn to those who have just recently started being sexually active. How you start buidling your sex life has a huge influence on your future, so the habit to be safe has to accompany you from the very beginning.
Safe sex is an expression of self-care, but it also means that you care for others. The brand wants to depict sex in a real way, without creating for young people fantasies that lead to unrealistic expectations from both themselves and others. Durex is about self-acceptance.
Sensuality, authenticity, closeness, equality and responsibility - these are the most important values for the brand.
UNIVERSE OF THE BRAND: last guidelines before writing the director's treatment
Desperados - A party transformation

It bravely says that it’s not afraid to experiment and gives its participants a wide birth to create a unique film.
It’s about breaking the daily routine and creating epic moments, the kind that happen your young and with your friends and about to kick into that party mode. The Desperados brand is exactly about that moment. The story of Desperados is all about transformation, the kind made by people who when with their friends decide to let go and see what happens.
What’s interesting about crossing to the other side? What kind of emotions accompany us? What’s real about it? Desperados suggests that the participants of the contest show the reality of such a situation. Every contestant can have a different feeling or take on the situation, and showing it in an individual and engaging way will mean that each approach will be something unique.
UNIVERSE OF THE BRAND: last guidelines before writing the director's treatment
Coca-Cola - We bring people together

Coca-Cola is a global brand known by everyone. This is why creating for them an idea that would be fresh is a real challenge. 
Coca-Cola's goal is to bring people together. What counts for the brand are little moments, short stories which make people gravitate towards each other. It is thanks to these little moments that the world can become a better place.
The thing that connects all the people in the world is food. This is why Coca-Cola wants to concentrate the commercial film around a shared meal - the food itself is secondary, what is important, is that the fact of sharing a meal brings people together.
Innovative thinking and creativity are things that can make you the finalist of the 6th edition of PYD.
UNIVERSE OF THE BRAND: last guidelines before writing the director's treatment
McDonald’s - introduce us to a Hospitality Leader

McDonald’s is confronting the PYD contestants with a completely new challenge. If we go to a Mcdonald’s restaurant, we can meet there a person known as a Hospitality Leader. Who are they?
A Hospitality Leader is someone who is there for you. They are always helpful, empathetic and kind. Their task is to make you enjoy the time you spend at a Mcdonald’s restaurant. They are the people who, in a group of friends, would be called "the best people in the world".
Why are Hospitality Leaders so incredible? We encourage the PYD contestants to find that out. "Think of it as depicting the whole brand within a single person" - says Jakub Strutyński, Field Marketing Manager at Mcdonald’s.       
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