Creativity and engaging storytelling are a must when it comes to successful filmmaking, regardless of the target platform or format used. As a global phenomenon and a massive hub for original, inventive content, created by users for other users, TikTok has already become a key part of the debate around modern video content and means of communication.
The ninth edition of Papaya Young Creators will introduce two new subcategories. One of them is TikTok Branded Stories. TikTok offers contestants the opportunity to push TikTok’s envelope as an entertainment platform by creating with original interpretations of themes outlined in our creative starters. Young creators can come up with an idea for a commercial (using TikTok’s media space).

TikTok Branded Stories

The TikTok Branded Stories subcategory intends to introduce Main Partners to TikTok and its media space and encourage the development of original, innovative experiences tailored for the platform.

Regardless of what brand they end up selecting, the Contestants’ primary objective will to be produce bespoke TikTok content based on the provided subject matter. 

The creative use of sound, vertical video, and interactive effects and filters will allow the Contestants to produce videos capable of redefining what branded content on the platform could look like. In this category, representatives of the Main Partner brands for whom the original content will be produced, will not be in any way involved in either the creative or the production process. The contestant who will make it to the finals will receive funding for their ideas to the tune of 12,000 PLN, along with mentoring and production support.


The films produced for the TikTok Branded Stories subcategory will premiere alongside all the other films and music videos shot for the ninth edition of the Papaya Young Creators competition in June 2022. Best Film winners for the TikTok Branded Stories subcategories will be revealed at the awards gala. The authors of films created for the subcategory will also be eligible for individual honors and Partner Prizes, while persons involved in the production of the films will be eligible for Individual Prizes.
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