The first sponsor of the 6th edition of PYD - Durex!

The first sponsor of the 6th edition of PYD - Durex!
That is what we call an entrance! Durex is the first sponsor of the 6th edition of the Papaya Young Directors competition. A brand that normally takes care of our safety during intimate moments decided to see how young filmmakers interpret the philosophy of their brand.
Madness or responsibility? What does Durex expect of the competitors? Check out the interview with Justyna Dadał, Senior Brand Manager of Durex.

Why have you decided to support Papaya Young Directors?
Justyna Dadał: We have watched you grow since your first edition and we are truly impressed by your achievements. You have become a brand that attracts young creative people - a group that is wildly desired by almost all global brands. Reaching young people is crucial to us - first sexual experiences shape our adult life, therefore we want them to be as mindful as possible. For us, young artists are less a target group and more a voice that can help us reach a whole generation facing the challenges of growing up. We want the PYD competitors to help young people enter safely into adulthood.
Usually, an ad agency is taking care of your communication, this time you are handing your brand to young filmmakers. What are your expectations?
JD: What is important to us is that young film directors have the opportunity to say something to the young generation using their language, therefore their message has the chance to be truly authentic and effortless. We are counting on their courage, commitment and fresh perspective. We are hoping to see something that we would not think of creating ourself, but that would speak to millennials.  
What is the most important message of your brand right now? What inspires you and what draws your attention?
JD: The mission of Durex is to promote pleasurable and safe sex, a hugely important aspect of our life. We want everyone to be able to enjoy sex without having to worry about the consequences. The world of sex is changing and we want it to be changing for the better, especially when it comes to young people. We are hoping that the participants of the PYD competition will help us achieve our goal.
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