Papaya Young Creators – why not Directors anymore?

Creating a film is a joint effort of the whole team. Without the presence of the people supporting the finalists in the previous editions, the competition films would certainly look different. That is why the time has come to emphasize the multidisciplinary nature of the competition, starting with the change of its name.
The initiative, under the new name Papaya Young Creators is more than just a competition for young directors, it is about drawing attention to the need for teamwork, an inclusive approach to what each creator brings into the project, as well as it is about showing that creativity and content creation requires more than just skillful directing - a film is made up of the talent of all the people who participate in the process. 

Papaya Young Creators is also about drawing attention to the fact that video content can be created for multiple platforms and with the use of different production tools, in various formats and on multiple topics. In 2022, the participants will be able to submit their ideas in completely new categories focusing on a new content language. 

Papaya Young Creators is an initiative that will help determine talents not only in directing, but also in cinematography, editing, set design, costume design or production. Their recognition will be an important part of the Final Gala of the 9th edition of the competition in June 2022. 

The contest is addressed to all those who consider themselves creative, are observers and consumers of content, who identify as film, music, culture and art lovers. Creativity can have many names and dimensions, so at Papaya Young Creators we value the idea. A unique approach to topics and original responses to creative starters. The competition is open to anyone and everyone between the ages of 20 and 35 (born 1987-2002).
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