Music Video Category
- a step-by-step guide

Music Video Category </br> - a step-by-step guide </br>
We have closed submissions for the main category of the PYD competition, but you can still take part in this year's edition! We are introducing a new category - music video. The main sponsor is Żywiec, a Polish brand of beer. What are the rules of the new category of the PYD competition?
On the 23rd of March, we are opening submissions for the music video category. After logging into the user panel on our website (, the users will be able to read briefs written by two bands. The contestants' task will be to write a director's treatment on the basis of the briefs. Submissions close on April the 10th.

The authors of the best director's treatments will be invited to take part in a workshop (if the contestant does not live in Poland, the workshop will take place on-line), the finalists will be given a budget of 2 300 EURO to shoot their music videos.

The music videos will be shown during the final gala in June, along with the commercial films from the main category of the PYD competition and will compete for the Grand Prix of the 6th edition of PYD.

Additional information for the contestants:

- if you submitted a director's treatment to the main category of PYD, you can still take part in the music video category;
- you can submit as many as two director's treatments for each band;
- you can take part in the competition if you are between the ages of 20 - 35 (born between 1984 - 1999).
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