Michał Korzewski and his new dream-like spot for PZU

Michał Korzewski surrounded himself with an intriguing line-up of inspirations while working on his advert for PZU, including films by Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan and Michel Gondry. Michał, alongside his Director of Photography Adrian Kuciel and Production Manager Maja Turek, won the special award for best production during the 6th edition of the competition. Now he has returned to the scene with an impressive spot; proving that nothing is out of his reach.
In the film for PZU the protagonist is going through a nightmare, that happily ends with an intervention from the “Dream Factory”.

– While developing the concept I thought of all the things the insurance should cover—says Michał—I came to the conclusion that the most important thing for us is not to worry about what can go wrong. The insurance guarantees that you can sleep soundly, because, following PZU’s claim—they are “taking care of you whatever comes.”

– Here we mix computer-generated world with the realistic world, shot on the spot—says Artur Knapik, 3D animator. The dream includes, airplane travel, pudding-chasing, and the big fall. —The actor’s free-fly was the big production challenge for adds Maja Turek, production manager.

—The fall was mostly created in the post-production process, but we have also shot the actor hang on the harness, moved around the studio with a wind blow etc.—concludes Michał.

Director took his inspirations from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Michel Gondry, Inception by Christopher Nolan, and Big Fish  by Tim Burton, among all.

Check out how the video’s backstage looked like:
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