Main Partners of the PYD 7th edition: Kayax

Main Partners of the PYD 7th edition: Kayax
Kayax became the Main Partner of the 7th Edition of PYD and the Partner of the Music Stories category. The record company and music impresario bets on young artists so it wants to see how they will cope with creating music videos for popular Polish music artists.
Natalia Przybysz, Mery Spolsky, Barbara Wrońska, Skubas, Smolik / Kev Fox, Bloo Crane, and Steps are the artists and bands to whose songs the participants will provide director’s explications in the Music Stories category.

This situation also brings excitement to the artists themselves, for whom this is an unusual process of creating music videos. They are interested in the film interpretation of their songs and eager to see the final effects for the first time during the Final Gala of the 7th edition of the competition. 

"I like it when a song gets a second, new meaning through the music video" - says Natalia Przybysz. - "It would be great to find revolutionary artists who will approach the subject in such a way that without expecting anything we will get everything" - adds Smolik.

"The crazier the better!" - cries out Mery Spolsky. Therefore, get ready for December 16, when the 7th edition of the competition begins, and creative starters for musical works will appear in the participant's panel. Important! You will be able to submit ideas for the clips in both horizontal (standard) and vertical format, which falls under the Instagram Stories category.
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