Main Partners of the PYD 7th edition: Durex

Main Partners of the PYD 7th edition: Durex
For the second time in the history of the competition, we welcome the Durex brand among our Main Partners. The brand that touches on the intimate part of life once again gives young artists a chance to interpret the spirit of their marketing communication. See what Justyna Dadał, Durex senior brand manager says about the brand’s participation in the 7th edition of PYD.

Why did you, as a brand, decide to participate again in the competition?

I have been following Papaya Young Directors since the first edition. I always watch all the films created in the competition and I know that they are not only of great quality, but also show a fresh and bold look of young artists. I know that marketers have experienced a shock a few times when watching films produced for them for the first time. There is always great, uncertainty, but also great excitement. We, as managers, treat brands a bit like our children. When we give them into the hands of creative young people we do not know, we feel anxiety. You can never predict the end result.

What will be the biggest challenge for the participants?

Currently, young people are influenced by many factors, including pop culture and the processed image of sexuality and one's own body. All this distorts the perspective of who they are and what role sex plays in their lives. I want our communication to make recipients realize again how important sex is, it can merge relationships and simply bring people together.

What do you expect from the competition films?

We want participants not only to talk about our products, but to talk about sex in a fresh, modern and above all - authentic way. We give our brand into the hands of young creators, hoping that they will love it as much as we do, understand it and the final result will be really bold.

In the previous edition,  "Purchasing Odyssey” made for the Durex brand, directed by Joanna Żero received the MakOnline Special Award and the Heliograph Special Award. The 7th edition of Papaya Young Directors will start on December 16. The creative starter by Durex will be available on the first day of the competition.
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