Be a voice for African women — get inspired by the Kuchinate foundation

Be a voice for African women — get inspired by the Kuchinate foundation
Women’s Stories subcategory is premiering in this edition of the Papaya Young Directors competition. It was envisioned as a part of the Vertical Stories by Facebook category. Contestants in this section will be tasked with producing vertically shot content for women’s rights organizations. We talk to the representative of one of the foundation co-creating Women's Stories with us this year: Kuchinate – African Refugee Women's Collective. Ruth Garon told us all about the organisation's mission and challenges.

Get inspired by their mission and create a visual story for the organisation. 
Kuchinate – African Refugee Women's Collective

Kuchinate is a psychosocial project focused on refugees, intent on securing rights for the most vulnerable asylum-seeking women. The collective helps women earn a fair wage with their arts and crafts work and interact with the public by way of artistic collaborations and social inclusion.

Women at Kuchinate tell their stories with their handcrafted art. This helps them regain their voice, lost in the trauma they experienced.  
They believe that the art of handcraft have a power to change people's lives for better.
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