7 commandments for 7th edition!

7 commandments for 7th edition!
This edition of Papaya Young Directors competition will definitely be unique. We get our competitors to challenge themselves with new categories, and they will start working on their scripts not mid-January, as in previous years. This time we will publish creative starters on 16th December!
So this year our theme is UPSIDE DOWN STORIES. Flipping things upside down, playing with convention, originality – this is what we want to see in the scripts we will get for this edition.

The directors and creatives, who are building this competition with us, have a short message to you, that should help you understand better, what it is all about:

1. BE BOLD – do something that no-one has seen before;

2. FLIP EVERYTHING UPSIDE DOWN – if something is accepted as a norm, try to go the opposite way;

3. DON’T COPY things you saw on TV;

4. Our sponsors are here to support you, not to make you do something;

5. THING OF THE FILM THAT YOU WANT TO WATCH – client are giving you a short brief, but don’t decide which idea goes through;

6. IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PASSION – don’t think of the film that should help you win, think of something that you truly believe in;

7. SHOW US HOW YOU LOOK AT THINGS – it is unique, and we are eager to get to know your point of view

Submissions start on 16th December 2019 and we are waiting for the treatments until 20th January 2020 (here you can find full schedule). There are three different categories this year: Branded Stories, Music Stories & Instagram Stories. The competition grows and so does the Final Gala – in 2020 we will wrap the competition with the 2-day festival-like event.

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